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The most important medicine is tender love and care.
—Mother Teresa

Healing by Example

Sandra's healing gift has been enhanced by her life experience. She believes our life events, interests and energy signature make us what we are. She knows a great healer has more than just credentials. A true healer transforms her experience into understanding and knowlege that can be used to help others.

Sandra's loving gift of healing stems from her strong ability to sense and send energy. She is strongly connected to Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and many other Angels and Ascended Masters.

Every person's healing journey is also enhanced by Sandra's natural ability to coach and motivate them. She works with clients to help them uncover and become aware of their unhealthy behavior patterns which contribute to their physical illnesses or emotional issues. Once these areas are discovered, the pain can usually be released on an energetic and physical level. As behavior patterns change, true healing - body-mind-spirit - can be achieved.

Sandra works with clients in a non-judgmental, safe environment to develop appropriate controlled responses to longstanding behaviors. Part of the healing process may include working with affirmations both verbally and on the energetic level.

She seeks to share her wisdom of embracing change to connect your inner self with your higher self.

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The most important medicine is tender love and care. —Mother Teresa


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