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The best way to find yourself is to lose youself in the service of others.
—Mahatma Gandhi


"Prosperity in Prescott" Project - A Revised Proposal

September 21, 2010

I am so thrilled with the tremendous response I received to the “Prosperity in Prescott Project.” So many people emailed me to say they were on-board with the intention to shift our communities from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness.  After this wonderful beginning, I began to think how our “Prosperity in Prescott” project could be even more effective.

I felt like something might have been overlooked from our early attempts. I found some additional insight in Gregg Braden’s “Secret’s of the Lost Mode of Prayer” and Neale Donald Walsh’s “Happier than God”.

In “Secret’s of the Lost Mode of Prayer”, Braden mentions how “in 1972, 24 U.S. cities with populations over 10,000 experienced meaningful changes in their communities when as few as one percent (100 people) participated.” (Braden, p. 32) He then mentions a documented study done by the International Peace Project in the Middle East which was published in The Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988.

What was unique about this particular about this peace study was “researchers trained a group of people to “feel” peace in their bodies rather than simple think about peace in their minds or prayer for peace to occur.” (Braden, p. 32) He further reports that the participants in the study were told to feel peaceful at specific times each day on specific days and in specific war-torn areas of the Middle East.

The results of these feeling induced actions were impressive.  When participants were feeling peace, “terrorist activities stopped, crimes against people lessened, emergency room visits declined, and traffic accidents dropped off in number.” (Braden, p 32)

Of course this information isn’t really new, it’s just newly documented.  Many of today’s spiritual teachers – Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman, Abraham-Hicks, and others all specifically teach the power of focused intention using your “feelings” in the process of conscious creation.  What intrigued me about Braden’s reminder was the “timing” and well as the “location” aspect of the Middle East study.  Participants were told when and where to “pray peace.”

So I began to think about our “Prosperity in Prescott” project and how it could become even more effective. Braden’s “Secret’s of the Lost Mode of Prayer” and Neale Donald Walsh’s “Happier than God” books reminded me of the importance of doing this work together, at the same time, and with a strong feeling of prosperity. (Since we are all already dispersed throughout our communities, it feels like we have the location piece covered.)

Years ago I practiced a mantra-based form of Japanese Buddhism.  We would often specifically get together for “daimoku tozos” where we chanted in groups, often for hours, with our prayers actively focused on a specific issue in our community or the world.  I remember the power and heightened energy of such events. These sessions were often life changing for many of the participants, including myself.

Neale Donald Walsch refers to this as “the Multiplier Effect.”  In his book “Happier than God”, he states: “By focusing on yourself you limit the amount of energy that you output, because there is only one of you. Yet by focusing on others you multiply the amount of energy you output by the numbers of others with whom you do so.” (Walsch, pp. 110-111). This is similar to what the Master Teacher Jesus taught when he said “when two or more are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20)


I appreciate the simple reminder on the process of conscious creation these books illustrated for me. I’d like to offer to this simple wisdom to the participants of our “Prosperity in Prescott Project”. 

I’d like to suggest that we try to unite our group efforts by offering our prayers/mediations/ intentions specifically at 7:00 AM and/or 7:00 PM every day until our October 6th deadline.

This will unite us at the same time and our united intention for prosperity will initiate the “multiplier effect” by focusing on others.  By using “feeling” in our prayers – feeling that prosperity has already been achieved; visualizing it happening and coming to completion will certainly take our prayers to the next level of manifestation.

Anyone familiar with the “Law of Attraction” or who works with the “I AM Presence” already knows the power of feeling your creations into being.  I propose by combining our feelings of prosperity with focused intention and the multiplier effect at specific times of the day, we’ll create an unstoppable process of positive creation for everyone in our community.

Of course if you can’t participate at exactly 7:00 that’s ok too. No matter what time of day you participate, if you’re focusing on the prosperity of others with feeling you’ll engage the multiplier effect as well.  In the end, it all comes down to your intention and IT’S ALL GOOD!


While I was beginning to prepare this article, a friend of mine forwarded me an article on “Effective World Healing.”  The link is http://worldhealingnow.org/heal.htm and I think you might find some of Owen Water’s information and processes insightful for the “Prosperity in Prescott Project.”

Many Blessings



If you feel inspired to share this message or any part of it with others, please feel free to do so. If you do, please remember to include the original hyperlink to this website and credit the Source of the material. Thank you for your continuing support!

I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and encouraging words I've received in response to these powerful messages. I am so moved by the stories you share with me. I am truly honored to be of service to all of you.

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May the abundance of Divine Love flow with all of us at all times.

Sandra Hurlbut is the owner of Spirit Earth Healing in Prescott Arizona. She is a gifted intuitive reader, powerful healer, and engaging teacher who incorporates several modalities in her work. For more information on Sandra or her workshops and their locations, visit our pages on workshops, or calendar events.


To heal ourselves, we must heal our planet and to heal our planet, we must heal ourselves. —Bobby McLeod


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