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To heal ourselves, we must heal our planet and to heal our planet, we must heal ourselves.
—Bobby McLeod


Thoughts on Abundance - 06-14-2010


Abundance is like a stream, overflowing from Source; flowing down into a receptive pool.  As the pool fills, pregnant with opportunities for limitless expansion, its excess is released to fill other pools, creating fluid tributaries which embrace all life around them. Animals and plants instinctively appreciate this flow from Source. Humankind is only beginning to appreciate the magnitude of this infinite flow.

Visualize yourself walking through a dense forest on a hot summer day.  The essence of abundance feels this way.  Cool and refreshing, it nurtures your Soul.  Listen to the stream of abundance as it meanders all around you. Its soft babbling, a loving reminder that Source is speaking to you at all times.

When you immerse yourself into the stream of wellbeing or drink from its wholeness, you are effortlessly transported to a place of inner peace and tranquility.  This is the place of your heart.  This is where Spirit resides in the flesh and bones of its creation. This where abundance is ready to fill your Soul.  Are you ready and willing to receive it?


If you feel inspired to share this message or any part of it with others, please feel free to do so. If you do, please remember to include the original hyperlink to this website and credit the Source of the material. Thank you for your continuing support!

I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and encouraging words I've received in response to these powerful messages. I am so moved by the stories you share with me. I am truly honored to be of service to all of you.

If you feel inspired to support my work, please consider offering a donation. Donations may also be sent by U.S. Mail to Sandra Hurlbut, 404 Joseph Street, Prescott, AZ 86303.

May the abundance of Divine Love flow with all of us at all times.

Sandra Hurlbut is the owner of Spirit Earth Healing in Prescott Arizona. She is a gifted intuitive reader, powerful healer, and engaging teacher who incorporates several modalities in her work. For more information on Sandra or her workshops and their locations, visit our pages on workshops, or calendar events.


To heal ourselves, we must heal our planet and to heal our planet, we must heal ourselves. —Bobby McLeod


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