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The most important medicine is tender love and care.
—Mother Teresa

Message from Yeshua - 04-03-2010
Be Open to Life

Dearest Friends,

To be open to all that life has to offer is a blessed way to live.  Yet far too often people close themselves off to their surroundings as well as their loved ones, locking themselves away in an internal prison.  How does this self imprisonment serve them?

Being open can best be described as a willingness to accept and allow all things to come into your life, including those things which can be perceived as negative.

Everything brought into your awareness has value and meaning.  There is a reason why every single person has been called into your life.  Each person, whether you appreciate them or not, has a very special gift for you.  You can eagerly accept the gift they offer or refuse it. If you refuse it, you may lose a valuable opportunity to enrich your life.  The choice is yours and always has been.

We would encourage you to open yourself to new people and new possibilities.  Even those whom you feel you have nothing in common with have a great deal to teach you.  In fact, they may have the most to offer you if you could only listen with an open heart.  Extremes in perspective help broaden your horizons.  How else can you do this except by opening yourself to new ideas?

Your world is ready for a dramatic shift in awareness – a shift towards complete acceptance and allowing. This shift in consciousness is occurring precisely because many confining and restrictive belief systems are no longer being adhered to.  People are seeking a more personalized connection with the Divine.  Some are seeking this Source outside of themselves. Others are seeking it from the inside.  Both methods have benefit for the seeker.  The important point is to learn to trust and allow all things to flow into your life and know that they are good. 

As you open to the natural flow of life and allow it to freely flow through you, abundance will follow.  Clearer insight will sweep toward you and flood your senses with the clarity of Love.  All things seen through the eyes of Love have value and meaning.  All have the Source of perfection reflected within them.  How could anything be more magnificent?  How can perfection be improved?

It has been said that “Beauty is truth. Truth is beauty.”  The essence of All That Is is contained in this simple verse.  Free yourself by allowing the truth of your own beauty to escape the confines of your imprisoned heart.  Allow yourself to be open to the magnificence that naturally unfolds all around you.  Learn to appreciate the ebb and flow of your personal relationships with an open heart and you will discover what it truly means to allow love to flow through you.

With Love



If you feel inspired to share this message or any part of it with others, please feel free to do so. If you do, please remember to include the original hyperlink to this website and credit the Source of the material. Thank you for your continuing support!

I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and encouraging words I've received in response to these powerful messages. I am so moved by the stories you share with me. I am truly honored to be of service to all of you.

If you feel inspired to support my work, please consider offering a donation. Donations may also be sent by U.S. Mail to Sandra Hurlbut, 404 Joseph Street, Prescott, AZ 86303.

May the abundance of Divine Love flow to all of us at all times.

Sandra Hurlbut is the owner of Spirit Earth Healing in Prescott Arizona. She is a gifted intuitive reader, powerful healer, and engaging teacher who incorporates several modalities in her work. For more information on Sandra or her workshops and their locations, visit our pages on workshops, or calendar events.


The best way to find yourself is to lose youself in the service of others. —Mahatma Gandhi


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