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To heal ourselves, we must heal our planet and to heal our planet, we must heal ourselves.
—Bobby McLeod

Message from Saint Germain - 03-15-2010

My Beloveds,

The presence of the soul will always be noted as something worthy whereas many of you view your own self to be unworthy. What was the source of such misinformation?  In truth, there is nothing “unworthy” in the world as God created it. Just the simple fact that you’ve incarnated here and are living in these uncertain times is a testament to your worthiness. You are all spiritual leaders for this new millennium.

It is time to stop listening to the naysayers around you and begin to engage your inner dialogue for stimulation and support. Your inner being is where your higher self resides – the all knowing, infinite aspect of soul that stands ready to embrace the light and lead all others to it – and I do mean ALL OTHERS.  There is still much judgment and lack being prophesized on your planet. There are many on your planet who still promote belief in a god that is a wrathful, vengeance-driven being of judgment.

This is an unfortunate belief system that couldn’t be further from the truth. The higher truth is God is the Source of all encompassing, unconditional love – no exceptions.

There is far too much judgment in your world today. Often judgment is insidiously promoted by unknowing people. At other times it is fostered by people who know better but forget in the moment and let old programming get the best of them. Where have you given judgment lately and how did you justify it? Did someone do something to you personally which upset your ego mind? What was the culprit which enabled you to continue the belief in separation?

Interestingly, your country was founded on the principal of separation of church and state. The founding fathers wanted to ensure that no one religious organization would rule the masses ever again.  They had learned their lesson by reviewing the atrocities inflicted upon the common people during the dark ages and medieval times.

Paradoxically, this founding principle based on separation has allowed blossoming of consciousness in your country in an unprecedented way.  Isn’t it interesting the founding of a country on the basis of separation could paradoxically invoke a greater appreciation of the Oneness that we are all a part of? This was no accident.
In spite of all the conspiracy theories regarding the free mason, the illuminati and other governmental factions, let us assure you that everything is unfolding in Divine Order.  Just as you need the experience of hot to know what cold is and what you don’t like to know what you do like, your experience here as separated from Source will ultimately lead you back to the Oneness of Source – for that is truly all there is.

In the meantime, your journey in the realm of separation allows you an unparalleled opportunity for Soul growth in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

We have so much to share with you and are so excited by all the changes unfolding in your world, we can hardly wait for you to see what you’ll be collectively creating next! Rest assured it will be truly wonderful and beyond your wildest expectations.

As you continue to move forward in this time of certain change, we ask that you continually remind yourself you are a part of all there is and so is everyone around you. No one is unworthy – no matter what deeds or crimes they have committed.  As you begin to shift your perspective and understand the sheer perfection of Oneness – that state of Being of Unconditional Love – you will also begin to experience a shift in your physical sensory perception which will allow more Grace to flow into your Being. As this occurs, your physical energy pattern will increase its vibration, allowing you easier connection and communication with God Source and beings of the Higher Realms.

Divine guidance is waiting for all of you to connect, grow and expand your consciousness to the next level. Continue this progress now by removing judgment of all sorts from your daily experience. All is Good. All is God and you are a part of All that Is.


Saint Germain

If you feel inspired to share this message or any part of it with others, please feel free to do so. If you do, please remember to include the original hyperlink to this website and credit the Source of the material. Thank you for your continuing support!

I'd like to thank everyone for the wonderful comments and encouraging words I've received in response to these powerful messages. I am so moved by the stories you share with me. I am truly honored to be of service to all of you.

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May the abundance of Divine Love flow with all of us at all times.

Sandra Hurlbut is the owner of Spirit Earth Healing in Prescott Arizona. She is a gifted intuitive reader, powerful healer, and engaging teacher who incorporates several modalities in her work. For more information on Sandra or her workshops and their locations, visit our pages on workshops, or calendar events.


A great soul, with a great purpose, can make a weak body strong and keep it so. —Mark Twain


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